Crossfire Compatibility with Motherboard

So I just obtained a Core 2 Duo (I think first generation) based system with this motherboard:

It is listed as certified for Crossfire, but I'm wondering if the newer video boards (HD7750 and HD7770) would work in a crossfire config with this system.

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    Should yes, make sure you have the latest BIOS and mobo drivers, also start with a single card and gt the latest AMD drivers...Ensure your PSU can support the 2 cards
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    But I would install the new driver with both cards in place so the driver can identify the cards and set itself up correctly.
    Btw, with one of the PCIe x16 slots at only x4 lanes electrically, you won't get the best performance. And low end cards do not perform well in CF anyway. At least the HD 7750 from my personal experience.
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