Low budget build. AMD vs Intel. Which has the most bang for the buck?

Hey all!
I'm going to plan out a low budget build, around $1500 max, and I'm looking to see for my build which would have the most bang for the buck, an AMD or Intel based computer. I want to have the best possible computer for my budget. Please tell me what you think I should base my build around and why. Also, if you have parts to suggest, please suggest them.

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  1. Give a budget and there will be plenty of people to help. Use this and re-post
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    First of all, please clarify what you will be using the computer for. I am assuming gaming but you need to clarify more. $1500 is far from a budget build in my opinion. if you were going for something under $600-$800, I would say AMD because it has more bang for the buck in the budget range. However, at your price point, I would say go for Intel. The 4670k is an excellent choice that will do pretty much anything you want it to and it isn't ridiculously expensive. If you have no intention to overclock, then just go for the standard 4670. If you want to do very high-end stuff like high-resolution video editing, go for the 4770(k if you want to overclock) as it is sufficient for almost anything you could possibly throw at it unless you plan on rendering 4k realtime in which case you can not do a build at that price.
  3. Dude! seriously?? 1500$ isnt a low budget build. For this budget, u should definitely go for an intel machine.

    I would surely buy this pc [ ]
    But since u requested for 'bang for buck', heres an amd build - [ ]

    The amd build is cheaper but performs only very slightly lower than the intel build. But the intel build is newer and so u get more new technologies and stuff more than the amd one. I would not recommend anyone to crossfire or sli graphics cards, but if u wish to do so, u can buy a cheaper motherboard with crossfire or sli feature, cheaper case, remove off ssd, etc and add another graphics card and change the psu. Get the intel one if u can afford it. AMD build is ur choice if u have a budget. U can even add up another graphics card in both the builds ive suggested.
  4. The secret to building is not buying the most expensive, but shop for value. What part is maybe a step down from the top that performs within 5-15% of the expensive one, but costs 30-50% less. Very high end parts are expensive and you pay a real premium for just a little bit more speed. I would advise that you do not skimp on your power supply. You likely don't need a 1000 watt monster, but buy one that fits what you need, and is very highly rated in reviews. My build cost me about $1500 2 1/2 years ago, and it still does everything, including running games just fine. See no need to upgrade anything yet, or in the foreseeable future.
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