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I was looking at getting 2400Mhz memory as a balance. I would like to build a system that is upgradable in the future, so was keen on 2x8GB, and then could get another 2x8GB in the future. Problem is, in the ASUS QVL list, there is no memory that could be 2x8GB, then 4x8GB. It is all 4x4 for 16GB and the 4x8GB for the 32GB.

So, do the kits really matter? Can I get 2x8 now, and another identical kit later, even though it is not on the QVL list?!

I'm lost! :)
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  1. QVL list is just a snapshot, and many users in here use high speed Gskill like the Trident with that board!
  2. Don't worry about the QVL, I've run tons of sticks on the Hero's (mine, my son's, and client builds, Asus and all mobo makers only test with what they have available and even then, only as time allows, QVLs are really pretty worthless, have run pretty much all the GSkill Trident X sets on the Hero with no problems, along with their sets of Snipers, Ripjaws X (and Zs) from 1866 on up and no problems
  3. Tradesman1 said:
    Don't worry about the QVL, I've run tons of sticks on the Hero's........have run pretty much all the GSkill Trident X sets on the Hero with no problems, along with their sets of Snipers, Ripjaws X (and Zs) from 1866 on up and no problems

    Have you had any experience with Kingston X beast or Corsair Vengeance?

    I know both of these are supported in 2x8 form, so for now, at least under mobo waranty, i would get help from ASUS as they are listed, then later when the compter starts to slow, I would just get another two of the same to max out the mobo at 32G. I realise I will need 64bit of Windows 7 to utisile anthing above 4GB.

    Researching NewEgg etc i see quite a few complaints about GSkill with sticks that are DOA. Have you had any dead ones or failures?

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    I haven't (knock on wood, as sooner or later I know I will, and I use a ton of them, between builds and upgrades), but I can shed some light on DOA sticks and/or sticks that get RMA for not running at spec.....and a lot of it starts right here and at other forums....Every day I see threads here and around with people wanting more DRAM and being told 'Yeah, just add another stick....or get another set of the same freq and timings" and DDR3 just isn't like DDR or DDR2 was where it was relatively easy to just mix any sticks....with DDR3 any time you mix sticks from different packages it can and often is problematic (even with the same exact model), which is why there is such a variety of sets out there at different freqs and amounts of DRAM (and they are guaranteed by the set - because the sets have sticks tested to play together, and for those 1600 and up the XMP programming is done by the set, they may appear to be the same, but as an example a 2 stick set may require and advanced tRFC timing of 208 where a 4 stick set requires a tRFC of 278)....another everyday common problem we see is people coming to the forums saying "I have a ABC mobo that can run up to 2400 sticks, I want to run ACME XXX 2400 sticks will it be OK"- and many, many people still living in the past saying - "Sure, if the mobo can run themn then you'll be fine", but with todays systems, it's more the CPU (actually the MC (memory controller in the CPU) that determines what DRAM you can run than it is the mobo (which plays in to a lessor degree), couple good examples people with a AM3+ mobo which is capable of 2133+ DRAM and they have a FX 6300 or 8320 - very few of which can run 2133 at 2133, so people blame the DRAM, or same on Intel, a Z87 mobo capable of 3000 DRAM they go out and buy a 4430 CPU then want to run 16GB of 2400 sticks, where they be lucky to run 16GB of 1866...

    I've stayed away from Kingston for a few years now, Corsair I used to use a ton of and still use a fair amount, but they've been my #2 choice for about 4 or so years....they have some good sets, but overall I found that GSkill consistently across their models/lines of sticks have OC headroom for a minimum of a full step up, which indicates they are strong sticks and very strong at spec
  5. Thanks for the info. I was just delving a bit further, And I noticed something!

    On the QVL list:

    Corsair 2x8 10-12-12-31
    G.Skill 4x8 10-12-12-31

    So would it be fair to say two sets of the Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x8 (64GB) should work (in a couple of years when I upgrade from one set (16GB)?
  6. Very likely if they are the same model number and likely overall.
  7. Even same exact model it can be problematic, best for a single packages of the full amount...XMP is programmed by the package not the stick so in the advanced timings it varies from 2 stick sets to 4 stick ses, i.e. 2 stick set of 16GB may require a tRFC of 208 where a 4 stick may need 278 or more
  8. Lol, I remember when you could just buy another stick of RAM and add it to the computer to speed things up. Why did the computer parts manufactures have to go and complicate things!

    I think 16GB will be plenty for now, and in three years when 2400 will be considered "slow", then I'm sure the price of 64GB kits will have plummeted.
  9. With DDR3 came a much wider variety of freqs and timings, also the tolerances with these higher performance sticks are so tight, it's not unusual for them to pull ten sticks right off the line and possibly only find 4 that will all play together and make a set.
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