Black screen but not on external monitors

HP 8470p only displays on external monitors using VGA or DVI. Screen remains black when remote. Here's a list of steps I've done:
>updated graphics driver to latest Intel HD 4000
>disable/uninstalled driver
>uninstalled additional Intel programs
>performed power drain (removing battery and pressing power button)
>updated BIOS

The laptop only works on external monitors. It was working fine without external monitor and once I connected to a docking station and removed it, that's when the trouble began.
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  1. There is a way to easily toggle between which screen the laptop displays on, but I'm unsure if you did that you might lose your display all together if it switched to the laptop screen and it remained black
  2. Just going to format the HDD and reinstall the OS
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    So i reinstalled the OS on 2 older hard drives and the same issue occured including on the one that initially had the issue. However, when I purchased a brand new hard drive and installed the OS, the screen had a display throughout the install process but afterwards the screen went black and remained so. Got a new hard drive and same thing.
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