i5 4670k reaches 72C max @ 3.8ghz with cm hyper 212 evo. Normal???

Case : corsair 200r with the stock fans.
Software used : Prime95 and HWMonitor
Thermal compound used for cpu : the one which came with the hyper212 evo

Stress tested for about 12 minutes. Max temperature is 72C and min temperature when idle is 37C. Room temperature is 35C. I live in South India where hot and humid climate is prevalent. Please buddies!! I am looking to overclock and i think these temps are slightly high. Is this normal for haswell pcs?? Are these temps worth for my money??

Shit...How do i change this to cpu forums?
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  1. Your ambient is about 10 degrees higher than most lifting those temps. Prime will heat the CPU more than any other program will so you are alright.
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    Your ambient temperature is a bit high, accounting for your temps.

    I like OCCT for stress testing.
    It gives you a graph of temperatures, and will shut down at 85c.
    Haswell actually runs cool until you need a high voltage.
    I expect that you can oc to the 4.0+ level without a problem.
    Do not worry about damage, the cpu will downclock or shut down at 100c or sio to prevent damage.
  3. Thanks rolli59 and geofelt. I was afraid that these temps arent normal and i thought that there was a malfunction or something.
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