Black ops 2 Low fps r9 270x

I'm having problems with Fps in Black ops 2.
I can play bf3 on medium settings with a nice fps and i have the latest amd 14.4 beta drivers and i tried the 13.12 drivers to but it made no change.
My fps in Black ops 2 is on all low 25-40 and on high 20-40 and vsync is off.
Power settings are all on performance and my cpu and gpu aren't overclocked.

Sorry for my bad english.


Cpu: Amd fx 4100 @stock stock cooler
Gpu: MSI r9 270x hawk edition
Motherboard: Asrock n68 Vs3 FX
HD: Western digital 500gb
550W PSU
8GB kingston Ram
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  1. i would think the cpu is holding you back more than the gpu.
  2. I'm getting the same problem in csgo i was getting ~200 fps all the time on high settings with my gtx 560 and i got an upgrade yesterday to the r9 270x and now my fps is really bad in every game that i would usually get good frames in
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    you running the latest driver?
  4. Hello i have updated my bios to the latest version and the fps problems are gone.

    Thanks for all the help
  5. easy fix, glad everything is working for you.
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