My first gaming pc for BF4.

It is going to be my first gaming pc , I have always been gaming on console. After doing reasearch for few months I have decided on some components:
Could anyone plz suggest is the cpu and the gpu a good combination?
Ill be setting this up specially for battlefield 4 and titanfall and minor video editing also my budget is under $500.
ill be using a 1080p monitor....will I be able to get 50-60 fps on high-ultta settings for both the titles?
In future I'm planning to take advantage of SLI and getting myself another 660 for cheap!
The last thing is that I will be recycling my hdd ,optical drive and the case .
I hope this lasts a while.
Thank you.
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    Those components will work fine. The CPU/GPU is a well balanced combo for playing those games at mid-high settings at 1080p. Thera are better motherboards for that processor, but the one you chose will work fine and even allow a bit of overclocking.

    A couple points... you can't do SLI on a MB with just one PCIe x16 slot.
    You might be better getting your memory in a MATCHED pair of sticks (2 x 4GB) instead of 4 x 1GB. That way you can upgrade to 16MB in the future w/o having to get rid of the old sticks.
    Finally, be aware that if your old OS is an OEM copy of Windows 7, it will need to be re-activated with the new MB. And you'll have about a 50-50 chance of MS catching the fact that you are trying to use an OEM copy on another machine (MB).
  2. Thanks a lot.... :D
    Ill be doing everything that you mentioned also about the OS. Very much satisfied with your help.
  3. I got to know that the fx 6300 processor comes with a heat sink which is not effective and on heavy use leads to very high temperatures of 65°c and what could be the solution for it.
    If I buy an after market cooler for the above reason I will also have to buy a PSU of 600w maybe?
    If continuing the build with the same MB and the 4gb ram it would still exceed my budget though......could you please suggest good brand for PSU.
  4. The aftermarket cooler will not require a different PSU. It will only draw what amps it needs for the fan; about the same as the stock cooler. If you don't plan on OC'ing, the stock cooler will be fine... noisy, but fine. If you intend to OC, then an aftermarket cooler is a must.

    Not all 600W PSUs are created the same. A junk 600W PSU is as bad as a 300W PSU. Go with Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, FSP, Antec to name a few. 600W or better should be fine. Some examples:
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