Question about compatibility with my new ram and motherboard

Hey guys, i am planning to buy these two components and i wonder if this ram sticks will work on this motherboard, these ram sticks have 1.35 voltage. Will it have problems running it on this motherboard? I dont wanna throw money if it wont work.

Answer please and tnx for your help guys.

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    The memory HCL doesn't specifically list that RAM module, which is pretty common as newer products are released and HCLs aren't updated. There are other memory modules that are listed that do operate at 1.35v, so at least from that, it's a relatively safe assumption that you shouldn't have any trouble specifying your desired voltage setting in the BIOS.
  2. Are those ram good or you would recommend me another better one for this MBO?

    I am buying new computer next week. These will be my components:

    I5 4670k

    msi z87-g45

    noctua nd h14

    xfx pro 650w

    msi gtx 760 4gb

    Crucial M500 240GB

    Can you recommend me any better components in similar price range?

    I am from Europe so prices are little bit higher here.
  3. They'll work fine, most all mobo makers have been working with LV DRAM to help them get ready for DDR4
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