No analog audio, Windows 8.1, Asus m5a99x evo rev. 2.0

So, I went to LAN party last night. Everything was fine. I'm running a GTX 570, later in the night, a friend offered to let me use his spare gtx 560ti as my dedicated physx card, no biggy, thought we would try. We plugged the card in, and it instantly put fan on it to 100%, and it wouldn't show up anywhere. We gave up and took it out. After that, my audio stopped working. In my audio properties, it shows my analog connections aren't plugged in (including front panel audio), with the digital and optical spdif being available. to add to taht, my speakers are making a funny sound. So I started troubleshooting, reinstalled drivers, restored, messed with the bios settings, restored bios to default. I just can't figure this out. Device manager isn't showing any errors anywhere, driver is fine. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. At this point, so far, all I can find through research is my sound chip might have shorted, and I am going to need to buy a USB DAC.
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