Nvidia second monitor, can't run games on fullscreen with FULL HD

My laptop is ACER V-3 571G
I have FULL HD TV MONITOR (1080p)

I can use TV as HDMI output from laptop even with 1920x1080 (but only if tv is only one display)
Pulpit is okay, but games can run ONLY in 1366x768 (Max laptop resolution is 1366x768), when i go to game settings and set it to 1920x1080, its CUTTED, and zoomed instead so i can see only half zoomed screen, no fullscreen, when i switch it to 1366x768, its normal full screen again.
It may be issue with two graphics cards? HOW TO SOLVE THIS?

I want to make: laptop > HDMI to > TV (With full HD games, just use TV as monitor instead of default laptop screen, pulpit works and its 1920x1080 but games does'nt work...) :(
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  1. Knowing that it has GT 640M it will probably happen cause that card can't run games on 1080 pixel. That is why i never recommend laptops, it is enough to run the screen on 1080p but the games are too much. What game are you playing? And at what settings? Could also be caused by the poor optimization of the game.
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    The GT640M you have can handle 1080p,but not in games.
    If you want to play in 1080p turn down the settings as much as you can(or play less demanding games).
    Native resolution and low settings will always look better than lower resolution and higher details.

    Just my 0.02 :)
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