Will this PSU run a 750ti along with everything else

So i have this PSU that came with my pc

Apparently 300w? so I'm wondering if i figure out how to hook up the 750 ti, will this psu be able to run it correctly?
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  1. No! 300 watts is not enough. You need 550 watts or higher - Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, Antec.

    Be safe and go with 650 watts.
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    Yeah, you don't need anywhere near that much power. I'll agree with Ubrales' brand recommendations, but you don't need a 600W+ supply. Any decent 430W+ unit is more than enough seeing as how your OEM supply is only rated to put out a bit over 200W on just the 12V rail.


    Right now, you can get the Seasonic S12II 520W for the same price as the 430W unit over at Newegg.

    Really, the cheapest you can go right now is probably the Corsair CX430, those usually go for around $40 or less, sometimes as low as $20 with mail-in rebates. That's the cheapest, lowest capacity unit I'd recommend for use with a dedicated graphics card before you get into the garbage range (the kind of PSUs I wouldn't even accept as gifts).
  3. Well, that sucks. Can someone point me towards a cheap psu capable of running a 750 ti/ or an r9 270x?
  4. Thanks so far, another question...will the cx430 be capable of supplying an r9 270x?
  5. Yes.
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