500 watt enough?

building new system.
Motherboard: Gigabyte A88X UP4
GPU's: Powercolor 7790 x2
PSU:Corsair CX-500M
HDD: 250GB western digital blue 7200rpm
CPU: AMD A10 6800k
RAM: 8GB of 1866Mhz DDR3 (dual 4gb sticks)
I have 2 120mm fans and no additonal lights or accessories on the system

My main question is will a 500W Psu be enough for X'fired 7790's.

Other than that opinions on the system are welcome to :)
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  1. No. 500W will not handle two 7790's. If this is a new build and you haven't bought anything yet, we could do some critiquing. What's your budget?
  2. did a psu calculator it was 409 without my fans
  3. On the PowerColor website, they say that minimum requirement is 500W for one GPU. I would go no less than 750W.

  4. I am pretty sure it won't be enough, but if you want to know for sure go to http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com/ and fill in your specs. I really don't reccomend going crossfire btw. just spend more and get a better single card. Many games dont support crossfire (at least not out of the gate) and it requires a much beefier psu and a better motherboard, also i dont't think it makes sense to get an apu.

    I don't know what you're planning to use this computer for but i think you should look into a different build altogether. Whats your budget? Is this meant to be a gaming pc?
  5. 7790 Crossfire needs a recommended 575 watts. So go with a quality 600-650w unit and you will be fine. Just because there are relatively few 600w models out there. 650 watts is more common.

    Trust this list.

    The Corsair CX series are budget units that have substandard capacitors that will cause them to die when stressed. I would not try it with what you have.
  6. You should look into a new build with a fx 6300 or i3 instead of the a10
  7. RazerZ said:
    You should look into a new build with a fx 6300 or i3 instead of the a10

    i agree as i underwstand it the fx-6300 is cheaper and it will offer much better performance. i still dont reccomend dual 7790's. please in the name of god get a single r9 280/ gtx 760 for the same or less. these are both great cards and much more preferable than your dual 7790 solution
  8. well the 7790's were 80$ each, so i was like WOW low. and i had the fx 6300 not a big fan of AM3+. not alot of decent boards. the A88X UP4 is pretty badass. ill probably get a 7950
  9. But the cpu that you have right now isnt a cpu it is an apu. This means that you are paying a lot more for high performance integrated cpu graphical performance which doesnt make sens if your getting a discreet gpu. I strongly suggest an fx-6300 but if you insist on an fm2 board get an
    athlon X4 760k. it has the same performance without the graphical features that you wont use. the 7950 is a great idea.
  10. well i got a really good deal on the A10 the otherday. and i stuck a old 7770 laying around and using it. then ill be getting a 7870 or 7950
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