Any cheap but massive improvements?


Just wondering if there is anything I can buy which will make my performance any better... Its a decent build but any cheap add-ons I can have are welcome
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  1. 1) What's cheap?
    2) What your build?
  2. 3) what are you going to use it for
  3. AMD A10 7850K (Only use the processor)
    16Gb RAM 1600Mhz Vengence
    Gigabyte motherboard
    R9 270X
    Coolmaster case

    I use it for gaming and it does very well.
    Anything I can add? Anything from a cooler to software :)

    I do not mind buying a few things but I would like each item to be around £50
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    Get an SSD (though 120GB might not be enough), cooler I'd go with either Cooler Master 212 EVO or PLUS or one of the corsair H series water coolers, if you want a low noise cooler go noctua.
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