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I copied using Casper 7.0 Windows XP off one of my computers onto Drive D of another computer, but can't get it to boot up Win

How can I copy Windows XP on a computer and install it on another. If there is a licensing problem I'm certainly willing to pay.
I open BIOS on the computer that has my copied Windows XP and select the D drive, but it still boots up with Windows 8.1, which is definitely not on the copied drive. Can anyone help?
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  1. As far as I know you can install your copy of windows on as many of your pc's as you want but not on anyone elses. Windows XP is no longer supported. Windows 7 or 8 costs about $85
  2. Unless it's a retail copy of XP , it's locked to the first board it was installed on.
  3. And unless you have some other licensing agreement, only 1 PC at a time.
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    SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Unless it's a retail copy of XP , it's locked to the first board it was installed on.

    SR-71, I think you are entirely correct. I have 4 computers that were built for me with Win XP Pro on them. On 3 of them I copied C Drive to D before installing Win 8.1. This 4th one was the first one that I put 8.1 on and didn't think in advance to copy XP to Drive D.
    I think my best course of action is to buy a retail copy of Windows XP for my problem computer. My reason for all of this is that I have tons of photos using Canon Zoombrowser EX. Canon software worked beautifully in XP, but not satisfactory in Windows 8.1. Canon says they are not going to fix it for 8.1. Thanks a bunch for your help.
  5. Glad to help.
  6. I'm not sure if you can still buy XP. Try 7 or 8 instead
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