Upgrading to SSD and Win8.1

According the microsoft, 8.1 is an upgrade only purchase and requires windows to be install before hand. I have Windows 7 right now and I purchased Windows 8.1 Pro to go with my new SSD. Will I have to install windows 7 to the ssd and then update or can I go straight to 8.1 on the new SSD?

I plan to do clean install either way along with wiping all files (saving personal files on USB first)
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    Some time ago, I installed w8 pro on a clean ssd.
    I did not like the metro interface at the time, so I shelved w8.
    I think the windows 7 reference is for those who need to keep their files and settings.
    I could be wrong, but why not assume you are ok and try your clean install to a fresh ssd first.
  2. I spoke to another tech rep and he told me that the Win 8.1 is a full install, no previous windows required. So the first guy i spoke to didn't know what he was talking about I guess, thanks for the quick reply though.
  3. Update....
    I just did a clean install on a bare ssd with windows 8 pro update package.
    Install went fine, but at activation time it said it could not activate because it could find no previous windows version. It would probably have worked if the install was on top of a previous windows.
    I suspect that there is a way around this if you contact ms, but be warned.
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