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I am going to school in the fall and I am required to bring a laptop for my courses. I have been specified that I need the follow requirements as I will be running Revit, CAD and Photoshop (I assume latest versions)

8 GB ram
i7 processor
1920 x 1080 24-bit color resolution
500 GB hard drive.

I am not very good with the internal tech stuff related to computers but I want something that isn't going to be laggy. I understand at a certain point of heavy renderings etc it will happen, but on every day use of these programs - no lag.

I am a must see in person kind of person so I wish to be able to see them in Edmonton,ab area.
My price range is up to $1500 (CAD)

Can you guys recommend something that will work? Thanks!
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    AutoCAD and PhotoShop work great on nVidia GeForce cards..... Revit woks better with a Quadro. I'd find a Clevo distributor in your area and have something custom built to your needs. Here's where I buy my CAD laptops bit cross border shippping can be expensive, better off findinga canadian distributor
  2. Semi-related question here:

    Would AutoCAD not work on a laptop with integrated graphics (no dedicated GPU)? I have a HP Probook 6570b that keeps behaving strangely when AutoCAD is running.
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