Bios settings for Gskill ripjaw f2-12800 4x2 ram

I recently bought 4 ram sticks each 2 gb

and I got 3 sticks to work my manualy changing my timings and that good stuff, but when I put in the 4th it doesnt boot fully and it gets stuck in a loop. Thanks.
I have a MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard.
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  1. So you bought two sets? Try with a single set in slots 1-3 from the CPU, enable XMP and select profile, then go to the DRAM voltage and raise it to 1.565 or so, then find the MC (memory controller) voltage, think it's CPUVTT or VTT on your mobo, and raise it to about 1.14, save, shutdown and try adding the other two sticks and give it a try.
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    First, Update our motherboard BIOS if newer exists and restest all four sticks (probably won't matter).

    1) Read your manual for what slots to use with TWO sticks

    2) Then insert TWO sticks and set "XMP" in your BIOS, then SAVE

    3) test with Memtest

    4) SWAP for the 2nd set in the SAME slots, reset XMP and save, then test with Memtest.

    If both sets pass there may be a problem with the slot on your motherboard requiring an RMA of the board.

    If one set FAILS then one or both of the sticks are defective and must be returned under RMA.
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