Upgrade from Asus Radeon HD7770

Long story short: my HD7770's HDMI support was DOA for me (or the card is just not strong enough). I've been using DVI, and I still will. I am looking for a direct upgrade. I'm not picky, but the card I have now has to go. Looking for less than $375 USD, 2GB+, with BOTH VGA/DVI and HDMI. Thanks.

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  1. You're constrained by your psu. You'd only need 500W for the 7770 so I gather that's what you've got. The best nVidia is a GTX 760 - 500W, $220
    and from Radeon - HD7950 - 500W, $275. The GTX performs a touch better and is cheaper.
  2. GTX770 would be good but you may need more power.

    GTX760 would work well.
  3. I would say get gtx 770. It would be a massive upgrade from 7770. This card it meant for real high end gaming and is a waste of money if that is not the case. This card will max out pretty much every game at 1080p.
    Asus DC 2 770:
  4. VGA - Is getting a bit old, can you convert to DVI/DP as modern day cards don't have VGA anymore.

    I would look into a R9 280X or a R9 290 (preferably custom cooled) if you can get one under $375
  5. Mind set on the GTX770.

    It looks like I'd need to upgrade to a 700/800W PSU. Don't care how much that costs. Can I just get a decent brand like Cooler-Master, not OCZ(first build, made bad choices).

    Any PSUs? I'm not looking for bragging rights, just something to get the job done.

    Side note: The 7770 came with a DVI to VGA adapter. I don't NEED VGA, but I need that OR DVI. Someone misunderstood what I said
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  7. You are a saint. Time to start saving pennies!
  8. Get something from Tier One -
    High Current Pro - 1200 watts
    High Current Platinum series

    Be Quiet Dark power pro P10 (Greater than 750 Watts)

    AX / AXi series (MK1 AX series is also an excellent choice)
    AX1500i (MK3 AX platform, Titanium efficiency)

    Supernova G2
    Supernova P2

    Kingwin Lazer platinum series
    PC Power & cooling Silencer series (Only above 610 Watts)

    S / M12 II Bronze series (Includes EVO series)
    Platinum series (Fanless or not)
    X series

    Super Flower
    Leadex Gold series
    Leadex Platinum series

    Black edition series
    XXX series
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