GTX 770 only using 40% TDP under load after being idle?

Hi, when i leave my ASUS DCUII 770 idle or on sleep for a while, and i start running a benchmark or playing a game, it is only using about 40% TDP (according to MSI Kombustor, and in games the FPS is significantly lower than usual). This has only just started happening and to get it back to 100% i have to reboot.
I dont know why it is happening but i was overclocking (highest stable was 1260Mhz core, 7950Mhz VRAM), I pushed it too far and my PC crashed with red squares all over the screen. I had also just installed the latest beta driver from geforce experience.
Can anyone help me?
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  1. Try the non beta driver.
  2. ivanjacob said:
    Try the non beta driver.

    Nope, didnt work
  3. Dammit, I went into the bios and reset everything to default, now it says
    Error: no such partition
    Entering rescue mode...
    (Something, doesn't fit on my monitor) rescue>

    Right, guess its time to get that dusty old laptop out and burn windows to a usb
  4. That's irritating. Did you have a back up or did you lose everything?
  5. Well, I'm not going to reinstall it just yet, I'm going to use the repair function, if that fails, then yes I do have all my important things backed up. Although my WiFi is awful (never, ever faster than 250kbps) so it will take quite a while to reinstall my games :(
    Edit: I had just wiped a Linux partition so hopefully its just trying to boot that and I can delete whatever's left of it.
  6. Oh wait a second, I had a linux USB lying around and booted into it. When I try to open the HDD in the file manager this comes up
    Unable to access 500GB volume

    Error mounting /dev/sda2 at /media/Ubuntu (blah blah blah)
    Windows is hibernated, refused to mount
    Failed to mount /dev/sda2 : operation not permitted
    The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting) or mount the volume read-only with the -ro mount option.

    Does this mean anything?
  7. Try unplugging your pc for a few minutes
  8. Phew, its fixed, and I still have all my files, anyway, I went on that thread, and this guys problem was with GPU usage, mine is on 100% load when running the burn in test, so that isnt the issue. My issue is with TDP.
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