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Hey everyone;
Few days ago I built a new rig containing i5 4670k, Asus GTX 780 dc2 oc and 8gb ram. When I first booted the system there was a strange noise coming from the graphics card. It sounded like it slightly made contact with its shroud. Afterwards, I reinstalled the card and the sound slowly diminished and gone away now. However, I feel like card is not performing that decently. My system scored 8075 firestrike all components at stock speed. In addition, I get around 60-100 fps in bf4 in maps like Zavod, Flood Zone etc. It sometimes drops to 55+ in Zavod even if it rarely does. Strangely, there might be some image quality poblem as well.After all, I feel like it shouldnt drop below 70-75 or maybe I've become paranoid after that strange noise problem. I expect your comments and experiences with the card. Thanks in advance.
PS: I am on Win 8.1 pro and latest nvidia driver.
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  1. I don't know why you ran the card. You should've inspected it. And you should still.

    Are both fans spinning? At the same speed? Is the housing cracked? Is it rubbing on a fan? Are your temperatures any higher than they should be?

    FFS - have a look. Its an expensive card to not care about.
  2. I inspected the card surely. Both fans are spinning and I tested at max fan speed there is no problem with it. I did some oc and got the card at 1150/6400 with no voltage increase, put temp target at 79 degrees, ran MSI Kombuster for 15 minutes and it didnt exceed target temp and didnt crash. I didnt see any visible cracks on the shroud and not sure about the rubber on the fans tbh. However I didnt see anything unusual on fans like plastic cover if im not mistaken. The place I bought the pc built it, not myself.
  3. OK - that all sounds good. Any idea what caused the noise though? Marks where fan touched shroud?

    If you get any more noises like that, you should record it and/or take it back tpo the shop.
  4. If you're gaming @ 1080p your BF4 FPS is normal, I suggest you update your drivers with a clean install.

    If you know for a fact your image quality is a problem then you should consider doing a RMA however I wouldn't worry about your fire strike mark.
  5. Hmm okay ill sure record it but in any case ill try to refund it soon. I didnt see any visible marks where fans contacted but they might be inside somewhere I cant see. I wanted to benchmark it to see if its a proper product but not sure if the values I mentioned above are acceptable for this card. I did a lot of research but most of them seems to be higher than mine I am really frustrated. If they take it back and refund the money, Ill probably go for a r9 290x pcs+ really. Had a 4850 on my old rig and it was totally adorable for last 5 years.
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    The 780 DC2 is a good card and your BF4 results are normal, I didn't mean marks on the card instead I was referring to your image quality on your monitor.

    The driver update should increase your performance if you haven't already upgraded to the latest driver.

    The 290x should give you more fps in Bf4 however I would rather have the 780 and if you want even more performance get the 780 ti.
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