How many extra watts do I need for an overclock?

Hi there,
I'm going to build my first system fairly soon and I have nearly selected all of the parts. I have done this on pcpartpicker. Here is the system that I will be building in September:
As you can see I have not included a power supply in that. This is because in December (Christmas) and beyond I would like to upgrade my pc to this:
Again I haven't included a power supply in that. I am planning to overclock my cpu and graphics cards and maybe my RAM a tiny bit. I need to know how many extra watts will these overclocks use- (cpu at up to 4.5ghz, gpu in turbo mode and RAM overclocked a tiny bit). I would like to know how many extra watts I will need to overclock this much. Also if there are any better parts anyone can recommend that would be appreciated!
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  1. Cpu coolers suggestion

    or a more premium cpu cooler:

    750W minimum 850 is insurance. Brand s to choose from : Antec, Coolermaster V series, Corsair(not CX or CS series), EVGA SuperNova G2 series, Seasonic, XFX

    Why get 2 128GB SSD when a single 250GB is cheaper.
    8GB ram is fine for gaming. you would only need 16 GB ram if you are doing video editing rendering etc...
    No need for sounds card when the onboard sound is adequate.
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    For two 760s, even OCed, I'd pick up a 750W.

    Probably this:

    Very high quality; Seasonic made.

    EDIT: I wouldn't normally bother with a closed loop cooler. A decent air cooler will cost much the same and be quieter.

    Also, you don't need piles and piles of extra fans.
  3. Hi guys, thanks for answering so quickly
    I will answer a few of your questions:
    1) I am getting 2 SSD's because I already own 1 (I should probs have included that in first build) and I got the 1 for free from a friend
    2) I am going to be video editing with final cut pro as well as gaming so 16gb would be useful
    3) I would like to record in game sound and using a sound card for that is much easier (I heard)
    4) I am going to be taking part in an overclocking comp with my friends so I thought lots of fans would help me achieve a slightly better overclock
    Thanks for the answers and I think I will go for a 750w are there any good ones which are: cheapish, 80+ bronze efficiency ,at least semi modular and mainly black, white, grey or silver?
  4. Oh, and I would like a liquid cooler because I would like my build to be less messy and my case supports the radiator anyway
  5. 1 more thing: why should I not pick the corsair CX or CS series?
  6. See the PSU I linked.

    If you want to seriously OC, I'd suggest getting a CLLC with a 240mm rad. I'm not much of an expert on those, but IIRC the H110 tend to be often recommended.
  7. Thanks, I think I will go for the psu you linked, but do you know why Suztera said don't go for corsair cx or cs?
  8. Zitrome said:
    1 more thing: why should I not pick the corsair CX or CS series?

    CX series and CS series uses cheap caps that average. There are better options like XFX that uses good japanese caps and offer a much longer warranty- 5 years compared to 3 years
  9. Thanks very much for the answers, if you have any recommended improvements over the system before i build it I would appreciate it if you could list them- (£875 max including moniter and operating system) thanks!!!
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