Closed loop water cooling options.

Hi. I'm looking to upgrade my CPU and am possibly looking to do some overclocking. I don't know much about closed loop water cooling systems and am not sure what would be the best option. I have an AM3+ motherboard and a 120mm fan slot at the rear of my case where it would be housed. Any suggestions?
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  1. high end air cooling is the way to go! Cheaper, less maintenance, Quieter and perform so similarly to pre-built liquid coolers it's unbelievable. They'll do really well with temps when it comes to overclocking.

    I opt for a Noctua NH-D14!
  2. No need, a high end air cooler is almost on par with the closed liquid coolers and cost less. Look at the silver arrow and Noctua for examples. If you want to step up in terms of cooling then a custom loop is the step up, something I dont advocate.
  3. Out of curiosity, what's your motherboard model? Not all are suited to it, regardless of your CPU cooler.

    I concur with the statements above though.
  4. An air cooler is a better way to go
  5. I disagree, aio go on sale all the time. Frys antec 650 for $33. I have corsair h90 and my temps never go above 57c, before they were 80 plus. I have I7 950 which is probably one of the hottest chips thermally
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