WD 3 TB External HDD Corrupt, MBR?

I have a 3 TB Western Digital external hard drive. I was accessing it and my computer locked up for some reason, so my only option I thought was to turn off the computer. When I turned the computer back on I got an error (at the time I did not really pay too much attention to it, but it said something like the drive letter J://$mbr or something like that, maybe $msf and I believe it said failed to write). I went to access my hard drive again and it was not visible in My Computer. I tried with another computer (Windows 7) and I had the same problem, the drive was no visible. I’ve run through a bunch of different tests:

1. In Disk Management the external hard drive is visible however it tells me the device needs to be initialized. I click initialize and I get an “I/O device error”
2. A lot of recovery software either does not find the drive or cannot access it
3. I’ve tried Western Digital’s “Data Lifeguard Diagnostics” and it found the drive, however the drive says 0 mb
4. I’ve also tried DMBE and it found the drive but says “Invalid Parameters” when I try to move forward.

I’m basically desperate. This drive has all my PhD data on it, I stupidly did not back it up properly. Money is somewhat of an issue and I do not know how much these professional recovery services charge. Any help would be of great assistance. From what I’ve read it does not look good. Others seem to have had similar issues, however never post follow-ups after their initial posts to actually say if they’ve fixed the problem, etc. Thanks!
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    Download and burn a copy of Hiren's Boot CD and run DRevitalize on the drive if possible. It's gonna take some time to run through it all but if there are any bad sectors it will repair them. There are some other Hard Drive programs on there that you can use as well to try to repair the problem. But start with DRevitalize.
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