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I want to record the games that I play at 60FPS/1080p with FRAPS, so I decided to do some RAID 0. However, I need to buy two HDD but I'm not sure which ones are the best for my purpose. I looked at the Western Digital Black and Blue (1TB version) because Seagate's HDDs don't seem to be reliable. I want HDDs that have a fast write speed and that are reliable

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  1. you'd need a wd red or black but maybe a single ssd is a better option for you? instead of a raid0?
  2. The best HDD you can get is a western digital black edition w/ 64MB cash RAM buffer.
  3. I already have a SDD and because FRAPS recording produce HUGE .avi files, I need big storage devices. I saw that Red run at 5400 RPM, does that means the WD Black are the best option?
  4. Literally any modern single hard drive can write at 60FPs/1080p without problems. It's only 50MB/s sequential write that's required.
  5. Seriously? Because I got some stuttering while I'm recording at this frame rate
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    You are recording to the same drive you are gaming from.
    You don't need raid0, you need a dedicated recording drive.

    Get a WD blue or black and then use fraps to record to it. ie - dedicate the drive to recording. dont install programs or anything to it that might run at the same time as your fraps sessions. You want to avoid forcing the drive to try and do two or more things at the same time. HDD's are not good at this since they need to move the heads to another area. SSD's are awesome at multitasking thanks to the no moving parts.
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