SSD failed now HDD wont boot into windows 8.1

Updated Bios to most recent version i have a Asus Z87-Pro V mother board and i had an SSD fail so while im waiting on the repair i wanted to use my computer and just put windows 8.1 back on my Original HDD boot drive before the SSD and it seems the hard drive will take the install but it fails to get past the install itself like it will install and then restart but not boot into windows it just restarts the install and says its going to move the original windows install to windows old folder. Ive changed bios settings and tested the hard drive and all that seems like its in perfect working condition. So im looking for some ideas. Could it be the mother board and how do i test it? the full specs are the
Motherboard-z87 pro v
4th gen intel i7 4770k with corsair water cooler
4x2 8gb 1866 gskills sniper and 2x2 gskills
Antec 650 wat power supply
2Tb seagate HDD
Just looking for advice the whole system worked fine up until i upgraded to the SSD i got a different brand SSD coming now but i still feel the system should allow me to install windows on the HDD
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  1. Do you have the hard drive formatted correctly?
  2. Yes its set for GPT and uefi is enabled in the BIOS. See and i thought maybe that since i didnt format the SSD before sending it for repair could be the issue since i can only install windows 8.1 on one system but from what i read windows would still instal i just couldnt activate it if it was already activated on one system. But the Asus guys said that this might be result of that since it technically could be a carry over but then the Geek squad guys are saying that it shouldnt matter and that since he SSD failed it could be result of a bad motherboard but up untill the SSD upgrade the system ran fine.
  3. My Samsung 840 pro 128gb has failed on me twice now, im looking int owaht the problem could be, if I find any good leads I will post them here for you.
  4. Your HDD probably should be formatted in MBR instead of GPT. You'll probably have less problems. Have you set up the BIOS to turn off quick boot since there is no SSD now.
  5. Well the geek squad guys i had run some tests on my system test that i just dont have the tools to run myself and they are claiming it could be my mother board but i dont know what they were doing to get the error codes they were getting because i never got the error codes they got i hope they didnt sabotage my stuff but yeah i got a new SSD coming and im going to try it out and see if it works before i end up RMAing the motherboard. The weirdest part is that i just cant install windows on my original HDD even after resetting the CMOS and updating the bios but im hoping once i install the new boot drive and get windows on it that il be able to download all the updated drivers that maybe that will change some things but im not sure its a weird scenario but yes any sigestions or knowledge of anyone who has heard of or seen anything like this let me know please
  6. Change your HDD to MBR (Master Boot Record.) I recently purchased a western digital black edition HDD and could not load windows at all either. Examining the specs using acronis software I saw that it was formatted as GPT. Using the acronis software I changed it to MBR and windows loaded perfectly and I am a happy camper now. I think GPT is pretty much used only when drives are larger than 2TB.
  7. I will try that one more question though so i have the Asus z87-pro V and right next to the power button on the board itself it has the code screen now when i have that booted up should it be showing 00 if theres not issue or one that i ussially see would be like A2 which is IDE detected. But up until i upgraded to the ssd i had no issues the system seemed to run fine. But now the geek squad guys said they got codes refering to the cpu and Dram which i never got before so im curious what they were doing to receive that code. Im just trying to figure out if its going to be a board problem but im getting it back today and some of the issues geek squad said they were having i never had so im going to hook it up today and see what the hell they are talking about.
  8. Im still having the same problem. Im having a hard time getting it to load, I have to reset it 20-30 times before it starts booting up. Even then it will randomly hard reset on my and cause me to have to reset it again like crazy before I can boot it up.
    Asus 24 inch 3d 144 Hz 1ms
    Asrock z87 oc formula mobo
    Intel 4770k 3.5 GHz
    western digital 1tb
    Corsair vengeance DDR3 1866 MHz
    Asus GeForce gtx 780 3gb
    Corsair rm 750 PSU
    Corsair h100 liquid cooler ( not installed atm)
    Corsair carbide 400r atx tower
  9. Nonanalog, what are you using for a CPU cooler if the h100 is not installed?

    gpeck8321, have you set up bios and memory timings & speed and etc?
  10. gpeck8321 Try Using a different SATA port. I switched mine and it seems to be working and it loaded without a problem.

    spooky2th, Im using the stock cooler. My CPU temp is only 29c and staying stable, but im not doing much , just surfing.
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