How do I lower factory overclock on gigabyte GTX 660 permanently?

Hi, I have two overclocked 660s and I've been having an issue that from what I've read on the net seems pretty common, ie a few games crash, then work fine if I remove 25mhz or so from the overclock. This happened when I only had one card too BTW. My problem is that if I lower it using nvidia inspector/gigabyte's gpu app/evga precision et al, after a seemingly random amount of time the card just reverts back to the full 1033 mhz and from then on it's impossible to lower it back down. Is there a more effective way of doing this? Is the overclock hardcoded or is it set in the card's bios? This isn't a heat issue btw, I never saw my card go over 63 (during benchmarks, not games) when there was just one and with two the hottest one never goes over 58c (also in benchmarks).
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    I used to have to do this with my 7950 crossfire to play BF3, if i removed the factory XFX overclock it'd run fine, otherwise it'd crash constantly. i also didn't have heat issues.

    anyway, i used MSI afterburner. Created a profile, saved it, and told it to launch at startup... never reverted back on their own.
    Afterburner is the best in my opinion.. perhaps try that.
  2. What lowrider said. Afterburner I know lets you set overclock on-boot, and works for underclocking as well.
  3. Hi guys, the problem wasn't the underclocking, it was the fact that the card was just reverting back to 1033 without a reboot/soon after, and lowering the clock again just wouldn't work. I just found out what it was though by chance; skype. Skype was somehow maxing out my GPU clock, by just being open and not even in a call, and blocking me from lowering it, until I closed skype at which point it would instantly go down to idle (324mhz or whatever it is). Weird thing is, I remember noticing this before, last year, but just... forgot about it. Ah well, thread tangent: if anyone knows wtf skype is doing with my GPUs, I'd LOVE to know. I'll probably give afterburner a shot anyway, just to be able to save the underclock and have it do that on startup, so thanks guys.
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