Installing Windows 7 x64 on ASUS X200MA

Hi guys, please help me. i need to install windows 7 x64 on my laptop ASUS X200MA, i made usb boot with UEFI but fail when starting windows instalation, first i got blue screen, at the other case..when the installer is beginning, then it's restart again and again.

can someone tell me how to fix my problem ?
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  2. ss202sl said:

    thanks for reply, i just want to install the windows first, then i will looking for compatibility driver next :D

    i'm still wait for the other solution
  3. ss202sl said:

    The OS selection dropdown on that page includes Windows 7 64bit.
  4. Had the same problem. So I went to the above mentioned site, downloaded the latest BIOS (v. 500) and installed. In the BIOS setup screen now I see a choice between win8.x and win7.
  5. In case you are still looking for a solution, you need to go to BIOS setup first (del button) and change the OS you are going to use to WIN 7. The rest lies upon the same steps.
    (My laptop's model is kx242d coming with the latest bios.)

    Btw, the drivers for WIN 7 64 bits are available.

    Best of Luck.
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