What GPU will fit my motherboard? got onboard graphis

i got a computer with this Motherboard and i want to upgrade the graphic card, but dont know what will fit and so on?? if anyone can explain i would be more than happy :) feel free to link me some suggestions willing to spend around 200$
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    any gpu will work with your mobo, and for $200 i would suggest an r9 270X.
  2. sorry for sounding stupid, but when theres onboard graphics and i install a new graphic card how do you choose one over the other or how does it even work? newbie here
  3. yes, you choose one over the other. usually, when you put in a graphics card, your mobo automatically disables the onboard graphics and uses the graphics card.
  4. as Danbuscus25 said, any GPU will fit your mobo. it's the case dimensions that govern which cards will fit.

    where the PCI-E slot is measure the space between the back panel and HDD cage , or the front of the inside of the case, if no cage. don't buy a card bigger than this.

    edit: oh. should be a BIOS setting to choose between the two, if it doesn't automatically switch to the PCI-E GPU when installed
  5. this is the meassures 46 x 18,50 x 42 cm so this will fit ?
  6. well, we dont know how big your case is, but it will most likely fit.
  7. dont know what help this gives but this is my case
  8. it will most likely fit.
  9. "Compatible with graphic cards with a max. length of 320mm"

    (your chosen GPU) Product Dimensions 22.8 x 10.9 x 3.5 cm

    yes. it will fit, with room to spare :)

    p.s. that is a nice looking box :D
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