FX8320 overclocking surprisingly well without doing anything. Am I missing something, or should I join team AMD?

Hello TH,

I am kinda new to overclocking, but everything has gone so smoothly I am unsure if something is wrong...lol.

Essentially...I have a FX 8320 and a meh-ish Zalman 92mm CNS5px Shark Fin cooler, pasted with thermal paste Arctic Silver MX-2.

So I have been reading about people with a Cooler Master 212 and 8320/50 idling at 30-35 getting up to 55c during full load at like 1.4.

Meanwhile, I have been able to overclock my 8320 at stock voltage (maybe even below) to a whopping 4.4ghz, without touching anything but the multiplier.

Furthermore, it runs stable at around 20-30 idle and 50 full load during gaming and 55c during Prime95. Wow. Is it that easy to overclock a good chip?

Help appreciated, thanks!
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  1. well, im not surprised because the 8320 is just a down-clocked 8350. i would bump the voltage up by about 0.025v just to make sure it is stable under stress.
  2. Congrats, you have won the silicon lottery!
  3. It's just that easy.
  4. yeah, with a good cooler you should be able to hit ~5.0-5.2 with that chip :D
  5. I thought it was more likely to die in a plane crash than win the lottery :p
  6. lol you just got a chip from a lucky batch :)
  7. Run that on maximum...
  8. there will most likely be no 8370, amd's roadmap for 2014/20115 shows no work on am3+ chips.
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