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Hey guys,

Which monitor is in your opinion better and why?
Philips Brilliance 242G5DJEB
Iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU-B1
BenQ XL2411Z

These are 3 144hz monitors, but another question i had was, is it better to buy one of these monitors or a nice IPS monitor in the same price class? Will i notice the difference that much? Btw my current monitor is Samsung Syncmaster T220 which is also a TN-monitor. Overall will the 144hz TN displays be an improvement on my current monitor in terms of colours not refresh rate? And what about response time, my current monitor has a 2ms GTG response time and the IPS monitor i saw had a 5ms GTG response time, will i notice that difference or not?

So all in all, which of these options do you guys suggest? and why ofc :) ?

I'm a gamer so that's a factor, i play fps games but also other games such as gta, wow, lol etc. I also intend to watch movies etc.

Ty in advance!
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  1. The BenQ XL2411Z is the best of the three, it has a headset holster on the back and is 144hz which mean youll be able to notice the extra fps, and thats notfrom a random looking at specs I have 3 of them myself and use them for gaming and serious editing.
  2. Dude, more hz doesn't mean better picture quality. I had 120hz and 144hz monitors. Now i use dell u2713h is 27inch 2560x1440 is 60hz. Before i had 120hz lg and i cant say more hz means better, i prefer natural colours especially when you gaming on ultra settings new games. I changed many monitors but in my opinion if you get 8-10bit led ips panel gaming experience will change. Many people will disagree with me here but as i said i prefer more colours all games looks amazing.
  3. Tyvm for the fast reply! Another question how are the colours, brightness and contrast? So when you game or watch movies?
  4. That's also true algaceburator! But i dont like tearing or ghosting either, i'm afraid of buying an IPS monitor and then being dissappointed about the response time or ghosting.
  5. The colours are so bloody amazing, and for gaming not only is the response amazing but the colors are so lifelike
  6. And I have noticed no ghosting yet and Ive had it since right around its release date
  7. I know that the downsides of an IPS monitor are the lower response times but idk if that will have much of an impact on me, i have seen 144 hz monitors and i have played on them and i see the difference but idk if it would be a step backwards from my current TN-monitor in terms of response time or ghosting etc. My current monitor is a TN-variant and is the Samsung Syncmaster T220 and it has G2G response time of 2ms so what do you guys think? Samsung Syncmaster S27C590H this was the IPS/PLS monitor i was thinking on buying.
  8. Check out the ASUS VG248QE, it is 144hz has good colors, its fast and smooth, it also has a nice sturdy stand unlike other monitors. You can get it for $270 unlike the BenQ that is closer to $400.

    You said you hated screen tearing, well you can buy a VG248QE with G-sync installed, or you can get the monitor now, and as the price drops you can get a DIY G-sync kit (Currently $200). Installing the kit is easy and should only take about 20 min. Here is a link on how to install G-sync;

    Having said that I don't recommend a 144hz monitor if your computer is only pushing out around 60 FPS. You will only truly benefit from 144hz if you are running around or over 100 FPS in games.
  9. Wqhd usually comes calibrated. Mine already came factory calibrated. I don't find any colour leaks in my monitor. Movies looks much much better comparing on my last 120hz. I usually play a lot with new monitor and always try to adjust good. 2560x1440 deliver to you better gaming and movie experience. If you have money get a 4k it is the best option but they very expensive. If you don't have much to spend then get wqhd 2560x1440. I can offer you some if you interesting Samsung s27b970, Asus pa279q, Samsung s27b971ds, aoc q2770pqu, dell u2713h. These are good monitors. 5-6ms is still good for gaming trust me
  10. Ty for responding ChrisR83, my current setup is:
    GTX 770 2gb(Will be replaced soon)
    i7 4770k (Will be OC'ed soon)
    16 gigs of memory
    Corsair h100i Liquid Cooling

    Ty for your advice, but the next problem i stumble upon is that all these monitors (144hz) i listed are in the same price range from 270 to 300 euros, so still idk what to do.

    I have read the reviews on but all of them have their downsides.
    And i just read that the BenQ has a slight reverse-ghosting problem at super fast response times, so that's a no-go.
  11. If you get wqhd or 4k you will say thanks to me in sure. 1080p is in stone age already. You need make step forward because tn panels with 1080 is old age i don't recommend you to change from one 1080 p to another. There is no risk, wqhd and 4k completely outstanding gaming experience. They expensive i know but you get what you paid for
  12. Best answer
    4k is still new and way over priced! and to build a computer that can run AAA games at even 60 FPS is going to cost you an arm and a leg. even the GTX 780 ti can not run games @ 4k above 30 FPS, so now you are talking about buying two new cards, and probably a bigger power supply. IMO Wait a couple more years before you switch to 4k and the prices for everything start to drop. unless you just have allot of money to spend.

    OCZdude you have a good computer and if you are talking about upgrading your gtx 770 i would recommend the VG248QE. you will not be disappointed. I currently have one and i love it, my only problem is i don't have 2 more set up in a surround! Soon though! There is always a down side, if you are looking for that perfect monitor you will not find it, there is always going to be that horror story, or the lemon. It all comes down to you and what you are looking for. For shooter type games the 144hz refresh is amazing, 1ms GTG, and super low input lag, and IMO the colors on this monitor are just fine, the last think when playing BF4 is OMG that red is slightly washed out. I would rather have a super smooth/sharp image that makes it that much easier to shoot people.

    Sorry i got to rambling i will get off my soap box now!
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