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I have ATX board(asrock x58 supercomputer)
I have corsair H90 which uses 140mm fan
R9 290X crossfire 2way with kraken g10 bracket, corsair H75(120mm fan)

My current case is a thermaltake armor(love the case but It dosent work for my current setup

Ive been looking at the corsair 540

Will this case work for my setup and is the other cases that will support 140mm radiator/fan and two 120mm radiatior/fans?
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  1. Yes, they fit.
    540 can support maximum 320mm GPU, and the 290x will like 12" (305mm), also the case is compatible corsair liquid coolers: H55, H60, H75, H80I, H90, H100i, H105, H110.
  2. i have three coolers?
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    Three? Sorry. You mean two for the 2X 290x with h75, h90 for the cpu.
    So you can put the radiator (CPU) on the top, two radiators (gpu) inside the case where is in the HDD cage area. Like in the link, it may work.
    Because it is from the review. They use the same case but the GPU is gtx780ti, which is shorter than the 290x.

    I don't know your thermaltake armor that is the bottom PSU mounted or the top mounted. If it is the bottom mounted you can try this way to see you work it out or not.
  4. Psu is top mounted
  5. Thank you for those links
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