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hi i am building a computer this summer and i need to make cuts because i cant afford the pc i wanted . so instead of a evga 750ti 2gb gddr5 i will be going with a evga 750ti 1gb gddr5. im wondering if that will effect my gameplay if playing on a 1920x1080 display would be nice to have a 800x600 dual monitor but i can live without it. will 1gb gddr5 be enough to play games likes battlefield 4 or any new games coming out ? i will be having 1600mhz 8gb ram and a amd 6300fx processor with the evga 750ti 1gb gddr5 . sorry for my english im french :p please help!!
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  1. a 750Ti will not be powerful enough to play the latest games at anything higher than low settings at 1080p regardless of VRAM.
  2. I have seen reports of BF4 using over 5 GB .... what I have not seen however is any difference in play at 2 GB, 3 GB and 4 GB, tho I have to admit..... I don't go for BF4 and just load it up for testing purposes and do 5-10 minutes tops.. You can see how performance is affected between 2 GB and 4 GB here.

    OTOH, you can see a difference between 1 GB and 2 GB @ 1920 x 1080 so if you graduating to that resolution soon, I'd do the 2 GB. Keep in mind that by summer, new cards and other new stuff will be out or about to drop and that should knock prices down a bit.

    The 750 Ti is a bit light regardless for some games

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    Entomber said:
    a 750Ti will not be powerful enough to play the latest games at anything higher than low settings at 1080p regardless of VRAM.

    No offense, but I feel like you're pulling that out of your arse.

    I own an EVGA 750ti 2GB GDDR5, and I run BF4 on High presets with about 45 frames. (24" 1080p screen)
    It's completely playable and I love the power consumption.

    The difference between the 1GB and 2GB version is slim unless you're playing a game that uses lots of VRAM off the card. These games can be Skyrim with MANY mods, and maybe poorly ported games such as GTA 4 with mods.

    On a 1080p screen you will play all new games coming out on Medium to High settings, and on less-graphic intensive games, you can max out the settings.

    The 6300 will be good enough for a 750ti, just get a good PSU and you will be all set to game however much you want!

    Happy building!
  4. The drop in ram will have a slight effect but, because your looking at the entry gaming level cards, the effect will not be that bad at all. Even if you had the 2GB model the max you would use before having Frame rate issues is around 1.5 GB used.

    So to answer can you play these games? yes but not on very high quality settings.
  5. To be honest it all depends on the game. Some games are not memory hogs while others are. things like AA can also eat more memory and reduce performance.

    The 750 ti is a mid level card so maybe not ultra but a combination of med/high in most games should be obtainable.

    If a 750 ti can not play any games at settings above low, how the hell did I play BioShock Infinite at high(not very high or ultra clearly) with a 650 ti. The frame rates did drop in some places for sure, but it was still very playable.

    1 gigabyte is certainly more entry to mid level on cards now.

    Getting 2 gigabytes would be a better option. The card uses a rather limited 128-bit memory bus(keeps the costs and complexity of the system down), but at least it does not have the limits that the 192-bit bus had causing performance issues over 1.5 gigabytes of memory used(GTX 660). Nvidia's drivers do reduce this issue quite a bit.
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