My Display keeps crashing on my new graphics card.

I recently installed an AMD radeon R9 270X graphics card in my PC. My Display will randomly crash while playing a WOW. It only does that on that game that I have seen so far. I am using a 60" Vizio TV as a monitor. The TV will say no signal but the computer remains on. I have to restart and it will work fine for a couple of hours then crash again. I have uninstalled both the game and the graphics drivers and reinstalled them. I even switch to DX 9 at the opinion of someone else and nothing has helped. I maintain a constant 30-40 FPS on ultra settings. I even turned them down and got 100+ FPS and it would still occasionally crash. Why is this?

Also one other thing. Once the display crashes, even if i unplug the HDMI and plug it into the on-board card the display doesn't recover. Is the monitor to large?

One last thing. The sound continues even after the crash. Its just the video that crashes.
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  1. Probably a Driver issue. There might be a newer driver you need to use. (for tv or GPU
  2. make sure that the resolution and the refresh fart is set for the native hdtv's in windows and in the ccc of the card [lets say hdtv is native 85hz and 1920x1080 then everything should be set to that ] some hdtv's got pc mode and like mine it says to use hdmi port 4 for a pc hook up.. you may want to look over your manual on this for pc use..
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