How to turn on the DHCP ON NETGEAR ROUTER

I have a NETGEAR router and I need to turn it on so my jadoo tv to get connected
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    DHCP should already be turned on in your router unless you are using purely a Static IP Enviroment or the DHCP is handled by something else like a Windows/Linux Server.
  2. But how do you turn it on and yes I AM using a IP
  3. It already IS on. The question is are you trying to connect to it with a Cable to the router or though WiFi?
  4. Partyrock said:
    But how do you turn it on and yes I AM using a IP

    Just had this problem while installing the Netgear WGT624 v2 Wireless Router. I used the Windows 7 Networking Troubleshooter and it zeroed in on the DHCP problem and autofixed it. Otherwise, I would use the Settings chapter of the Installation Disk to find it.
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