How do I insert a bluetooth's insides into a larger case with a speaker?

Looking to put Bluetooth into an old star trek commbadge.
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  1. This is a mod, you may want to start with something like a BT headset and try to keep it together(just removing the case) so you can charge and pair it with your device. You will need some kind of small amp(maybe a simple IC or transistor setup) to power the speaker(depends on what you use).

    No one will have a how to for this as you are going to be making your own toy here.
  2. then again... you could be wrong nuke... :rofl:
    this is startrek we are talking about.
    his channel has a new version 3 with a speaker.

    this guy has a video on how he made some bluetooth badges.
  3. @ssddx
    Yeah, I've run across his video already. He doesn't actually show you how he created his com badge, just goes into some improvements with the headset. Since I'm looking to create a device with a speaker inside, this isn't quite what I was looking for. (Doubt anything would be exactly what I'm looking for tho.) Also his com badge could just be acting as a sort of switch with the actual Bluetooth unit somewhere else. I'm hoping to make a self-contained Bluetooth unit out of the badge.
  4. what exactly did you want it to do?

    have a speaker? microphone? what did you want to pair it with? details are what you need to provide if you want any sort of advice.

    if all you wanted is a speaker then i would probably disassemble a bluetooth headset for the bluetooth module and leads going to the speaker. since the earbud speaker might not be loud enough you might have to pair it with a cell phone or home phone speakerphone speaker or something of the sort.

    generally you would be scrounging parts from a few different sources.

    another alternative idea is just to get a speaker which fits inside this device which can accept a 3.5mm signal... then buy a bluetooth transmitter/receiver combo and plug it in/tuck it inside your shirt. the receiver would be on the speaker the transmitter on the device you want to play the audio.


    something like this would likely work

    it looks rather and could probably be disassembled and some parts fit in the badge and others hidden elsewhere

    or perhaps this one which looks even smaller

    you might need to make your "badge" a little bigger and deeper and/or have some holes or a way for the sound to escape though.
  5. I just want to see how this turns out :)

    Cordless phones have a fairly small speaker in them(little 16 ohm 0.3 watt job for speaker phone and ringer), but it is nothing compared to what cell phones use(even smaller).
  6. The badge I am using can be seen here, http:// since I haven't figured out how to post pictures yet.
    It's about 1/2 inch deep and already has a speaker unit inside that I plan to connect to the Bluetooth. But the wire gauge is smaller than I was expecting in the Bluetooth, and I really don't want to mess this up, so I'm a bit leery about just soldering it in and hoping for the best. Charging shouldn't be a real issue if I just cut a small hole in the side of the case. Besides those things the only other problem is finding and fitting a Bluetooth in a way that when you tap the badge, it activates.
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