[Solved] Win 7 Installation can't complete, BSOD page fault non-paged area

Computer was running great for 4 years, no HW/SW changes, probably crashed less than 5 times during that time. One day while opening a program computer suddenly crashed and rebooted, and would not go to Windows. I decided to do a clean reinstall.

When installing Win 7 (after reformat/partition HDD) it goes to the very last step Completing Install, and then I get a BSOD page fault non-paged area and reboot. After the reboot:
1. If I select Safe Mode --> I get an error saying Win 7 install was not completed, so not available
2. If I select Start Win Normally --> I get an error saying Win 7 install was not completed, and reboot

What I have tried:
-trying install on 2 fresh different HDD, same results
-Memtest, no errors. Same results with single RAM stick, or 2 stick combinations on appropriate memory configurations per mobo manual
-changing the SATA ports connecting HDD to mobo
-changing BIOS and reinstalling as either IDE/AHCI
-reset to default BIOS settings
-booting Win XP from disc has no issues
-booting Linux from different HDD has no issues

i3 540 CPU
Asus P7H55-M PRO
3 x G.Skill 2GB DDR3, all same model/size (6GB total)
Have tried WD 500GB Caviar Green (original), WD 1TB Caviar Blue (new), WD 2TB Caviar Green (new)

Any suggestions?
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  1. that is odd but I had a copy of windows vista full retail that kinda did the same thing but it would reinstall after a fight but had lots of issues and bsods - but I usrd the same vista disk on an new rig and it was fine loaded and ran with no issues but kinda like you it would not reinstall on the original build and a old xp oem disk loaded fine no issues and so did Linux as with you .. maby bill done something to insure you make that move to windows 8
  2. ya but then why would xp and Linux load and run ?? heres what I think theres something Microsoft implants somewere in the board so it got corrupted and now that os will not reinstall

    but like I said my old copy of xp did Linux did and ran fine but no copy of vista would retail or oem worked ever again on it

    so I just thought it was funny cause if it was a hardware thing then you would think that xp and Linux would have near the same issues[??] I don't put nothing past Microsoft.. there in for selling software and its hard for them to sell there latest junk os if your still happy and satisfied with there old stuff.
  3. one more thing I was running asus also sabertooth 990fx
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    Finally got Win 7 installed after a couple days.

    TL;DR? - went into BIOS, disabled the video card Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 and enabled onboard GPU only. Reinstalled Win 7 and it went through the entire process. After a few reboots, was able to boot Win 7.

    Further story below:
    After Win 7 installed, rebooted, re-enabled video card priority. Win 7 detected the video card, but after installing drivers and rebooted the BSOD appeared again. I also tried uninstalling drivers, going into Safe Mode, installing WHQL certified drivers from March 2014, still didn't work. At this point I had spent a couple days already, and decided to just buy a newer card, which worked, no issues.

    I suspect there was a windows update recently that broke compatibility with my older Quadro NVS 290, and during the Win 7 install there was a conflict between Windows updates and the Quadro drivers. Even installing the latest WHQL Quadro drivers didn't seem to work. I don't think the video card HW itself is bad since Linux and XP booted without issues, but I'm tired of all the troubleshooting and would rather pay $60 for a replacement card than work on diagnosing video driver issues.

    Now with the new card, I can run dual display using VGA + DVI, but no output from HDMI. But that's another issue for me to tackle.

    Thanks to those who posted, and hopefully this can help others avoid the same issue I had in the future.
  5. Disaster,can not load win 7 p new is after wiping drives.?
    All kinds of blue screen reasons,bad pool header,p f in non area you name it,I need my HP I have broken back need to work on line ty
  6. I was able to fix that very same issue today.

    What i did was the following:

    - Downloaded the win10 iso and burned it to a dvd.
    - Started the win10 setup and waited for the bluescreen to happen
    - when the PC reboots, enter bios setup and change boot sequence to start with your dvd drive
    - insert burned win10 setup cd and wait for it to be loaded
    - choose "repair pc" which triggers a kind of auto repair
    - in my case the PC restartet after a split second
    - remove the cd / alter boot sequence in bios
    - wait for win10 setup to continue
    - for me it completed without further errors

    I hope this helps somebody!!!
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