Is this a Good / Compatible first time computer build?

Hello. I am going to build my first computer soon. I plan on overclocking anything I can to get the most performance out of my system for Gaming and Editing. If there is anything that Is NOT compatible or if you have an opinion, please let me know. These are the new parts I have picked out and plan to buy on ebay for a total of $686. Thanks!

CPU: AMD FX-6350 $139

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo $42

GPU: AMD Sapphire R7-260X $134

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G43 $59

RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB 1866mhz $89

SSD: Kingston SSD Now V300 120 GB $70

PSU: Corsair CX600 600W ATX12V $70

Drive: Asus DRW-24B1ST $23

Case: Apevia X-Hermes Blue $60
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  1. You probably want to replace the PSU with a higher quality one from Antec/XFX etc. The CX series has low quality capacitors in them.
    You are going to need a HDD for bulk storage in tandem with the SSD.
    The rest looks good.
  2. I have other HDD for storage. Thank you for your input of the PSU! :)
  3. I think the 6300 is more useful than the 6350 price wise.
  4. I don't mind spending a few more dollars for a better CPU. Here is the comparison.
  5. Best answer
    1. i own several cx series power supplies (including the cx600) and have had no problems with them.
    2. you may want to get a different SSD. the Kingston V300 are currently running very poorly due to price cuts on the product, highly recommend you spend a little more and get a samsung/crucial comparable drive.

    other than those, everything looks good. have fun!
  6. Oh okay. Thank you very much for your help. I decided to get a Samsung SSD.
  7. I'm having second guessing with the GPU. I cant decide anymore and I didn't realize how many there were. I need a GPU card that is:

    1) Compatible with the above components.
    2) Under $170.
    3) Good for Cypto currency mining.
    4) Good for gaming like Minecraft and COD.
    5) Able to support 2-3 monitors.
    6) 2-3 GB GDDR5

    Help me please!
  8. You are overpaying for the cpu. The comparison you linked gives it .1 points out of 10.
    Anyhow. For 5 dollars more you can get the fx 8320.
    "The FX-6350 is a waste of money compared to the FX-6300. The only difference between the two is that the 6350 is factory overclocked, but the FX series is so fantastic for overclocking that paying the extra money for something you can do yourself is a waste.

    The FX-8300 is no longer made, so your only options for a reasonably priced 8 core are the FX-8320 and the FX-8350. The only difference between those two is the FX-8320 and the FX-8350 is, again, the base clock speed, which is something you can do on your own easily. The extra 2 cores of an FX-83xx will make a huge difference actually as compared to the FX-63xx, and don't listen to naysayers.

    The FX-8xxx doesn't actually have 8 cores, nor does the FX-6xxx actually have 6 cores. They borrow resources from one another, and act more like threads then cores, so the extra 2 "cores" offered by an FX-83xx will make a pretty big difference. Go with the FX-8320, it's probably the best bang for your buck CPU offered by AMD. "
  9. secretumpiratica said:
    5 dollars more my ass

    Please be polite with other community members .
    I recommend changing the 6350 to a 6300 or 8320 .
    The video card is good , but you can get something like this : +
    or you can save 20$ and get this :
    There really isn't a big difference between the 6300 and 6350
  10. You really are rude. We do this to be kind, not get insulted for helping you. Please overpay for the cpu, but at the time and currently it is possible to find an 8350 for around 150. You had a 6350 for 140. That seems around the same price. It seemed like a better idea. Sorry for trying to help.
  11. Do the math. 150 - 140 = 10... not 5
  12. Yeah well there are sellers that do sell FX 8320's at 145$ or less like NCIX ...

    Be glad that we're helping you , you shouldn't even be gaven this opportunity due to your disrespectefullness
  13. That says $160 not $145. Gosh, why did I waste my time to click that link.
  14. GODNESS there was a promotion and made the cpu around 145$
    You don't deserve any help , you're just a disrespectfull human being !
    Gosh , why did I waste my time trying to help you
    EDIT : here you go , a 140$ 8320
    don't expect any more help from me
  15. First, he said "Like" as in sites, not that one specifically.
    Second, that was posted 2 weeks ago, when it was 145.
    Third, would it be too much to respect other members? It makes it harder for everyone involved if someone is uncooperative.
  16. Actually no. The prices came down a few days ago.
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