Will this Graphics Card support my PC AND improve my gaming performace

Its this one

and this is my computer

I am using our family computer for PC gaming and it is really slow. 17-25 frames per second for TF2. Everyone highly suggested this Graphics Card. But I really want to know if It works before buying it so I don't screw up and waste $350

So will it support it and improve my FPS
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  1. If your only playing tf2 you certainly dont need a 770 what else do you use the computer for can we have more specs tf2 will run of a gpu you can buy for 100-150$ easily and you will save yourself a lot of money
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    The 770 is a really solid purchase, but to be perfectly honest, it's not a great buy for your PC. Your CPU (you didn't specify, but this goes for any of the options in that HP) is 7 years old at this point and most of the 770's performance will simply be wasted. The other issue is that in a ready-made mass-market PC like this that isn't really designed for gaming, you almost certainly have the ancient, 300W, bargain basement PSU that it came with (hp's site doesn't specify, but this is nearly a certainty), so the 770 wouldn't even be an option without a PSU switch.

    Short of starting to put together a new build, your best bet to eke out more performance is probably a 750 Ti, given that you won't need an auxiliary connector.
  3. No, that computer is really outdated. you would be better of building a new one than spending 350 on a GPU. It would be silly to drop a hemi in a geo.
  4. Well is there any other graphics cards you suggest
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