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Hi, I recently upgraded my pc with a new motherboard, harddrive and ram. Now the pc is working fine but the sound. I installed all drivers for the sound and GPU and yet no sound plays but it can detect when speakers and headphones are plugged,(not even the troubleshooting is working).

Please help, i cannot even work without sound.

Thanks :-)
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  1. Try updating the bios. That tends to be out of date out of the box usually. Latest drivers can be dependent on latest bios.
  2. Thank you @jnewegger23, but can you tell me how you update the bios cause in 15 years of using computers i never had to update the bios nor use it (besides loading windows or booting a disc):)
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    No worries. Just go to the motherboard's manufacturer's website and download the latest bios version. Once saved you can either copy it to a flash drive, go into bios and update there or sometimes you can directly click on the downloaded software and it will update (do some install and restart; may prompt you to restart) from there. If you can give me the make and model of your motherboard perhaps I can help guide you further.
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