AMD FX8350 or I5 4570 (paired with GTX 760 for gaming)

Not sure which to pick up. They both are roughly around ~$200ish and I have read conflicting articles on which one performs better. I don't plan to overclock either of them so I'm looking for some advice on which one would suite me more. (Plan on pairing it with GTX 760 for gaming if it makes a difference).

Here's the links to the two articles if you guys are wondering why I'm confused:,3106-3.html

It seems the AMD performs better in benchmark tests, but the sites review places the intel one ahead for that price range.
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    It Intel i5 is better for gaming. It has much better single core performance and as games rarely use more than 4 cores the 8350 doesn't get into it's sweet spot.

    If the prices are the same for you, get the i5.
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