need help with checking if gtx 770 will fit in my pc case

Hello all i was wondering if the GTX 770 will fit in my PC case ill link the spec's here:
Height: 41.3 cm (16.26 inches)
Width: 17.3 cm (6.85 inches)
Length: 42.4 cm (16.73 inches)
Weight: 12 Kg (26.46 lbs) - without packaging
Bay size
13.33 cm (5.25 inch) ODD
8.89 cm (3.5 inch) HDD

The graphics card i am thinking of buying is

if that card does not fit any suggestions about a new graphics card need to be around $400 (australian).
Thank you in advance for any help
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    280mmx112mm=28cmx11.2cm so it would fit in your case
    for more accurate calculation of will it fit in your case i need to know your case
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    if your case has 28cm+ from rear of case to HDD bay it'll fit, just get a measuring tape to see if it'll fit. No need for width as almost all cards (yours included) is in length with the rear bracket (if you don't understand that, don't worry).

    So measure from Rear of case to hdd bay, as that link doesn't have any indication if it'll work.
  3. will have to do that tomorrow as it is late at the moment ill open it up and measure tomorrow thanks
  4. no problem, glad to help.
  5. it looks like there is space as the graphics card goes above were the hdd cage is so there looks like there will be sace about 31cm or so
  6. great, it will fit.
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