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I havw windows 8 installed in my laptop. I downloaded latest drivers for AMD RADEON 7670m gpu and installed it. In starting ccc was working but after restarting whenever i tried to open ccc then i got messege catalyst control center host application stopped working. I tried reinstalling but i t didnt help me now plzz help me.....
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    Unless you had a particular reason for updating to the latest Catalyst version, uninstall CCC & Catylst drivers completely, then install the version you got on the CD supplied with the card.

    Never update any driver if existing one is working okay. There is no law which says you must always use the latest driver, and updating one just because yours isn't the latest version is not a wise practice.
  2. I dont have any cd. I get t this AMD GPU with my dell laptop. And they didnt gave me any cd. Now what should i do? Yes i uninstalled that caralyst control manager. But now what to do? From where should i install drivers and catalyst control center? And which version will work well with my radeon 7670m. ?
  3. Driver updates for a Dell laptop should only be downloaded from Dell's website. Is that where you got the update from that's causing the problem?
  4. I downloaded latest version of drivers of AMD GPU from AMD.COM and installed them after that i got this problem. So, now i should download the amd gpu drivers from dell website? Ryt? But which version should i download from dell website? And how to do clean uninstall of previous version drivers?
  5. Yes, drivers from Dell only. That applies to all your laptop's drivers, and it applies any make of laptop - you get drivers ONLY from that particular laptop maker's website.. Those from AMD are for retail motherboards with AMD video chip, or add-on AMD GPU cards, not for integrated GPU on laptops or factory-built computers.

    I had a hunch you had downloaded the driver from AMD instead of Dell Support, too bad I didn't ask you earlier. Most likely explains why CCC stopped working.

    Usually, Dell only shows the latest available driver so download & install that. Don't worry, it won't be exactly the same version you got from AMD and which has caused the CCC problem. On the Dell support site, enter laptop's "Service Tag" code which should be printed on the laptop's underside, it ensures that you are shown only the drivers that are relevant for your model.

    To remove existing Catalyst driver, go here for instructions AMD:

    Good luck - - signing off.
  6. Thanks alott to show me the way towards the solution for my problem. I ill try this..:-).
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