ASUS R7 260X R7260X-DC2OC watt

Hi guys i just wanted to ask if this graphics card (ASUS R7 260X R7260X-DC2OC) will work properly with my system(mostly watt) and if it's even compatible with it.

My PC Specs:
CPU:AMD A10-6800K(at 4.10Ghz)
Mobo:MSI A88XM-E35
RAM:Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 4GB Blue(overclocked at 1866Mhz)
PSU:Corsair CX430M 430watt
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  1. Well,in This review,the boys at measured the highest total watt usage with a 260x,Intel i7 4770K,and 8 gig of RAM at 98 watts idle and 231 watts under full load.

    I suspect you would be ok as long as you arent running an excess of Harddrives,DVD drives or peripherals that draw directly from your pc.the
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    You have a decent PSU from a reputable mfg, I would say you will be fine. Even with the numbers listed above you are still under 400w when under full load with the R7 260X.
  3. Well it seems ok,thanks a lot!
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