i5 4440 vs 4570 vs i5 4670

Hello everyone, I am currently deciding on which CPU to get. The motherboard I am using will be a B85, some recommendations for good mobo's would be nice.

i5 4440 (206)
i5 4570 (224)
i5 4670 (245)

These are the prices of the CPU's in the store I will be purchasing them at.
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  1. Barely any noticeable difference in performance. Get the i5 4440 if you want to save money.
  2. b85 motherboard? i just googled it: The B85 chipset is the "budget" business option and as such is very limited compared to the other business chipsets. As such, it does not support iSIPP or vPro. Like the Q85 chipset, it has four SATA 6Gb/s ports compared to the six found on Q87. The B85 chipset is a good option for systems that need only basic functionality without the various features found in the other business chipsets.

    business motherboard?
  3. look at cpu boss for comparisons - just put in the cpu's.

    Mobos - single graphics card? mid tower case? How many hard drives/ssd's? Any special requirements - audio, lan, wifi, bluetooth, esata, firewire, thunderbolt, etc etc?
  4. 4440 is the best buy based on Price alone. Board or similar from Asrock or Gigabyte.
  5. I will be using a single graphics card, a GTX 770. My case will probably be a Cooler Master N300. I am opting for one hdd. Probably need wifi or lan and my main use for this comp will be gaming
  6. I can't find any B85 Plus mobo's on the website that i'm using. There is an Asrock B85M Pro4 and an MSI B85 G43 or a Gigabyte b85 D3H/HD3. Would any of these be a good alternative?
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    Yes they are I would get the Asrock which is most likely cheapest of the 3.
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