How to create counting numbers in EXCEL 2013

I need to create counting numbers that continue over to each worksheet in a workbook. For an example I need to recreate PO#'s in a workbook. Every time I hit the "+" it creates an empty worksheet. I have to copy and move from an existing worksheet which then will not recreate my Dates or PO#'s. My PO #'s also have a dash "-" in them: example: 10-001 and so on.

I need to find a solution to this problem if anyone is able to help or entertain me with ideas. Thank You.
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  1. Have you ever worked with macros? If so, you can try creating a macro that runs when you create a sheet, goes to a master sheet to increment and fetch the number, and paste the result into the new sheet.

    Just keep two separate numbers and have a cell that's formatted with the concatenation of 10, "-", and 001.
  2. How many sheets you plan yo have by placing every order in separate sheet?
    Altough Excel does not have a limit on them, after a dozen or two it will start lagging, not to mention that navigating it will be a nightmare.

    Why not look at some software made for store front / back office?
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