What does it mean if there is no onboard video chipset?

I am building a basic comp for my grandmother and the board I'm looking at doesn't have an onboard video chipset. Will it still read the integrated graphics from the CPU or do I need one with a video chipset?
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  1. It means there is "no onboard video chipset"

    Your link doesn't work.
    EDIT: what board?
  2. it has no built in graphics on the board so you need to get a graphics card [NVidia gtx660] that installs in the pci-e slot of the board in order for the display to work. though eaven if the board has onboard graphics you can still get a card that will more than likely be more powerfull and use it the same as a board with out . on board graphics are not as strong and will do fine for most household office use programs but for most of todays games you need a better card that meets the games requirements ??
  3. P.S... if for granny and I don't guess shes going to be a big time gamer and shes just going to web surf and e-mails and most light duty stuff you should look at the AMD fm2 type boards these will get her covered and the AMD has to me the better onboard/chip graphics and they should do the job for her needs well
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