Internal speakers dont work but earphones do

Hi, I have a problem with my built in speakers . They arent making any sound . Although, when i put in my headphones in I can hear sound . I've tried checking to see if anything is muted . Ive tried pulling in and out the headphone jack . I've uninstalled and reinstalled the audio driver different ways by rebooting after each time and cleaning my disk for leftovers . NOTHING WORKS and its been this way for a while . Plugging in my hdmi cord plays sound but just not my internal speakers . Is there a way i can fix the sensor of my headphone jack by turning it off or downloading anything ? I've even tried the original audio driver but it still doesnt work also tried the newest update driver . I have a sony Vaio vpceb11fm laptop windows 7 64bit PLEASE HELP ! Thank you (:
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    If the laptop is still under warranty, bring it in for service. If the headphones are working then it is likely that there is something physically wrong with the speakers that aren't working.
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