Need help with multi-monitor set up (using a GTX 770)

Hi, I'm new to multi-monitor set up (not Nvidia Surround, just a simple 2 monitor set up).

I have two monitors, a primary one and a secondary one.

When I'm running a game on my primary monitor and I move my mouse cursor off the screen onto the second monitor (second monitor is showing the desktop), if I click anything on the secondary screen, the primary screen immediately alt tabs out of the game. Is there any way to stop the auto alt tabbing out of the game?

Basically, I want my primary monitor to be running the game while I'm browsing on my second monitor.
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  1. you can run the game in full window mode if it gives you the option, that will stop it from alt+tab the game.
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    If you are running "full screen" mode on an application (more specifically - games, streaming video, etc), and you click on the 2nd monitor (virtually any program), you will lose the "full screen" mode of the game. To successfully utilize both monitors for separate applications (while either one is a game), it must be "windowed" (not full screen).
  3. Damn, that sucks. The only problem I have running the game in fullscreen windowed mode is that MSI Afterburner's onscreen display doesn't show up (it only shows up in true full screen). :(

    Thanks for the replies.
  4. well you cant have your cake and eat it to :P
  5. not going to happen, when you run a game the video switches over and you cant use desktop. I tried same thing but I wanted to run monitoring software while I was playing game, 2nd screen always goes black
  6. maybe try running game in windowed mode instead of full screen
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