deepcool alta7 vs deepcool alta9 which one is better?

My stock cooler is not working anymore. I need another cooler for ny processor.
I want to know which one is better ?
Deepcool alta9 or deepcool alta7.
If there is any other cooler in the same price range which is better than these, plz let me know.
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  1. Get the deepcool alta7. They are almost same, check their specificatios: speed, air flow, nosie, hydro bearing except the weight, fan dimension, and TDP. The alta7 has 95w, and the 9 has 65W. That means you can use the cooler on the CPU with TDP 95W or less. But the 9 can't use on more 65W TDP cpu. Check your CPU, like E7400 has the 65W.
  2. Max tdp of my processor is 55w.
    Which is more appropriate?
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    Either one is fine, but get the cheaper one.
  4. Got alta 9.
    It was cheaper. Thanks.!!
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