Hynix hmt125u6tfr8c-h9 noaa-c vs samsung m391b5273ch0-ch9

Which is better for a Dell Precision T3500 Win7Pro64bit, Xeon X5550, Dell Inc. 0XPDFK (CPU) motherboard, 1024MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800.

6 2GB Hynix hmt125u6tfr8c-h9 noaa-c
3 4GB samsung m391b5273ch0-ch9
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    Depends on what you are using it for the Samsung has ECC (Error correcting) its when you have a internal data corruption and the ram check through things twice to insure there is no errors
    This is vital in certain environments but for ordinary use its not.
    And having 3 4gb is better because you also leave room for more ram but the 2gb option is running at a slightly lower speed that will affect performance.
    Hope this helps!
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